Manufacturing Process

Topline Lamination Pvt. Ltd. superior quality products, benchmark services and technological expertise have led it to become a colossal corporate entity that has subsequently carved a niche for itself in the Indian and global markets.


    Comprises of 3 Ultra Modern Slitting lines, equipped with tungsten carbide cutters for the precise slitting .


    Comprise a fleet of 7 CNC state of art cutting machines, have capacity of 50000 MT / Anum.


    Highest level of care is taken to ensure the material safety.


    We provide dispatch facility by Road, Sea & Air.





Slitting Process

Make :

  • Georg & Orion
Features :
  • Can process for the thickness of sheet from 0.18 mm to 0.50 mm
  • Max slit width 1000 mm with the mother coil width of 1200 mm
  • Minimum slit Width: 60 mm

Cutting Process

Make :

  • Georg, Astronic, Orion
  • V notch
  • Hole punching with multiple and offset holding facility
  • Horizontal, Vertical and Conventional drawing cutting facility
  • 450 and 900 shearing
  • Maximum Length: 5000 mm
  • Minimum Width: 40 mm
  • Maximum Width: 1000 mm


  • The process of packaging is the most crucial phase as the material is very sensitive. Highest level of care is taken to ensure the material safety.
  • The products are packed under supervision of experts to avoid damage during transportation and prevent any loss to our customer’s. Utmost care is taken to ensure material safety.
  • We ensure optimum utilization of floor space at the receiving end. We do set wise packing with forward & reverse pyramid in case of bigger jobs so that our customer’s,while building/assembling the core, need not open more than the minimum pallets for assembling cores.
  • Built cores are either packed vertically or horizontally in wooden crated depending upon use
  • Utmost care and precaution is taken while handling the steel right from the storage of raw material to finished product.
  • The products are packed under the direction of experts to avoid damage during the transportation
  • Set procedure of packing and stacking is followed to certify the best possible way of handling the finished products. Forward and reverse pyramid method is undertaken.
  • Overhead cranes are pallets are used for the packaging process to ensure the optimum safety of the materials.
  • Wooden and MS palate is used on which packaging is done. High Density Polymer is wrapped on the product and low density cover is wrapped over it.
  • Wooden planks are used to protect the edges from damage. Stretch wrap stripping is done at the end